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Thursday, April 2, 2015

13 reasons. 13 miles.

Okay. So I'm probably insane. I just signed up for a half marathon. It is six months from now, and I'm actually pretty excited. 
My current training plan is to walk most of my miles, with some spurts of running, cross train with spin classes, and practice a lot of yoga. I do not have high ambitions of running the entire thing. I plan on walking most, but I would like to run a small chunk of it. 

For the last 4 weeks, I have been getting 10 miles in per week. I have had a couple of longer walks (7.08 and 5.6 miles), and have been fine during and after. I figure if I can walk seven miles with no issues six months out, I can get to where I need to be when I need to be there. 

I will need a lot of encouragement and prayer.

But I really think I can do this. 
Longest so far. 

Nighttime walk with safety vest, pearls, red lips, and a cold friend. 

Crossing the new bridge in my sweet little town. 

Here are my current top 13 reasons for completing 13.1 miles. 

13. I have always been told I'm not athletic, and could never do something like this, and I want to prove that wrong. 

12. I know I lack self discipline in pretty much all areas of life right now, and I know being on a strict training schedule would change that. 

11. I have a super cute, red dress (among a few other things) that I really want to wear, but they are just a bit too small. 

10. With my job ending, and a very open and unplanned next season of life, I want to have a purpose over the next few months. 

09. I don't want to sit in front of the tv and binge watch tv shows because I'm upset, I want to move my body towards a goal.  

08. I want to be healthy and have healthy habits. 

07. I need to have small, obtainable goals in my life. This would give me daily, weekly, monthly, and six month goals. 

06. I think I may be strong, but I want to know that I really am strong. 

05. Most days I think I'm insane and stupid for thinking I can do this, and I want to prove myself wrong. 

04. I need something to look forward to. 

03. I know myself enough that I need to do things on my terms, in my timing, and I think this is it, and this is the time. 

02. I just want to cross that finish line. 

01. Completing a half marathon has been on my secret bucket list for over 5 years, and now I can't wait to actually cross it off the list. 

Here comes another wild adventure. I'm terrified and excited all at once.  

Love, M


  1. You can do it!!!!! The hardest part is convincing yourself it's possible. Once you believe that, your legs will take you wherever you want to go. Look forward to reading the story!!

  2. This is perfect! You are going to be surprised over and over at what you are capable of!