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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My Autumn To Do List

Can you believe summertime is already over? It just flew by!! A few months ago, I made a "Summer Bucket List". I didn't want my summer to go by, and be too busy, to do what the things I wanted. So, I decided to live intentional. I made a list, and for the most part, completed everything. 

"My Summer -I Did List!" 
-drive in movie
-Ferris wheel 
-see a rainbow 
-sleep in til noon 
-bake a pie
-mackinaw island 
-road trip 
-meet new fiends 
-layout and look at stars 
-sweet tea on the porch 
-go on a boat 
-nap outside 

"My Summer -I Didn't List" 
-float down a river 
-go fishing 

I just finished making my list for fall. I am so excited to start checking things off. 

"My Autumn -To Do List" 
-buy a friend flowers 
-jump in a pile of leaves 
-wander in a field of sunflowers 
-get pumpkins for the front porch 
-visit a cider mill
-wade in a body of cold water 
-carve a pumpkin
-eat doughnuts and cider 
-hot cider 
-pumpkin spice latte
-salted caramel mocha 
-picnic in a park 
-apple picking 
-bake an apple pie 
-hay ride 
-corn maze 
-go to a football game 
-toss a football around 
-plant bulbs in the garden
-relearn how to knit/crochet 
-start Christmas shopping 
-go antiquing all day
-find a cozy sweater and wear it all the time 
-write thank you cards to 25 people just because
-invest in a good pair of boots 
-Ferris wheel 
-wear a scarf every day for a week
-spend time in my downtown 
-make caramels 
-mail a care package to japan
-read (and finish!!) a book for fun 
-wear leg warmers
-drive around aimlessly just looking at the changing leaves 
-dance outside barefoot 
-sit on the front porch and just enjoy traffic
-lay out on a quilt and look at the stars one night 
-fall in love with South America all over again

(Maybe I went a little bit overboard on the fall list... Can you tell what my favorite season is!?) 

What is on your "must do list" for fall? What should I add to mine? 

Love, M :) 

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